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Artist / Contributor Music Submission
Artist / Contributor Music Submission
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Buy Production Music

Why buy production music?

If you are asking yourself the following question: Why or when should I buy production library music / buy stock music?

Here are a few poiners to help you make that important decision.

Professionals and amatuers alike buy an enormous amount of music (actually music licenses) for different usage types every day, worldwide, be it for: corporate music, music for websites, music for production, commercial background music, royalty free sound effects, instrumental background music, music for video, video game music, music for presentations etc. You might be a music editor, a film / video editor, a producer, a creative manager, a sound / musical advisor, music director or anyone else in need of music to accompany their creative multimedia project, film, website, game, video, podcast, course, restaurant, hotel, and on goes the list …

In any case, you are facing a few reasonable options :
1. Compose your own music
2. Pay someone a nice amount to compose custom music and hope for the best
3. Purchase production music from a royalty free music library
(4. Pay a music advisor to decide and act on your behalf).

Assuming that composing your own music is not an option, let's look into options 2 and 3.

Option 2 – custom music – is mainly good for top quality, high budget productions. If this is the case, than this is a good option.
The main cons for custom production music are:
* Expensive
* Very time consuming
* You don't know for sure that you'll get what you need

Option 3 – royalty free / stock music for production – has many pros:
* Will most often fit your budget (typically priced between 10$ to 500$ per music cue, depending on your usage and track type)
* Big supply, easy to find
* Most sites will let you listen and audition music tracks and sound effects online (up front), so you know exactly what you're getting
* Leading sites enable good classification for browsing and searching to find the best music for the project
* Many music libraries operate websites that sell music online, enabling you to quickly purchase music to make your deadline
* Even if the music you purchase from a royalty free music library is not custom made for you and you do not have exclusivity, there is so much music out there that chances are that you'll never here the same music track in any other project / video.

To sum it all up, if you have a budget limit of some sort (who doesn't?) and you or your customer do not insist on owning exclusive rights for the music that you use, it is more reasonable to search and purchase royalty free music from a reliable stock music library: Less expensive, less time consuming and more certainty as to what your final product will sound like.

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